when a girl make u feel some type of way




you dont wanna mess with me i cry easily

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you ever sit back and realise that this is not a crush and you are REALLY in love with your fav, completely fucking madly in love with them and everything they do and their quirks and their flaws, and you’re absolutely, pathetically, hopelessly devoted to them with all your heart, body and soul



New Bravely Second scan!
It should be obvious, but for anyone who seriously thought Magnolia wasn’t gonna be playable, she has a preview of some of her job costumes.
Possible spoilers, but it’s suggested Agnes was taken prisoner after the peace treaty was signed in Eternia.

Looks like they redesigned Time Mage to look less… ugly. Though that might just be her, looking at the others they have more of Magnolia’s flare. way more than a simple design change. Maybe the other members as well? And Agnes doesn’t look too much older, though who knows if we’ll get shenanigans but I think that mostly confirms it’s not been long since. And the new character models look MUCH better.